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    Inspection of semi-automatic mask film making machine

    First, the ultrasound system
    Check whether the ultrasonic system is clean. In particular, the ultrasonic electric box, vibrator (transducer), and welding head (enlargement ratio) should be monotonically clean without water, and the connection wires should be solid. Frequently check the wear of the ultrasonic welding head. Pay attention to investigate the change plan of the voltmeter and ammeter pointers on the ultrasonic electric box.
    Air supply system of folding mask machine
    Check if there is water in the air filter cup. Drain the water and drop water to the air compressor. Check whether there is air leakage in the air pipe, whether there is air leakage in the cylinder, whether the orientation of the magnetic sensor of the cylinder and the operation are normal.
    Third, the electrical system
    Check whether the circuit connections of the equipment are loose, whether the main power lines, branch signal lines, etc. are worn, aging, electrical components are loose, whether the inside of the electrical box is clean and monotonous, and whether the exhaust fan is operating normally.
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