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    Introduce the composition and function of intelligent control system for zipper bag making machine

    Most zipper bag-making machines have achieved intelligent control, which not only improves the automation level of the equipment a lot, it is beneficial to bag-making operations and reduces losses caused by errors. What kind of intelligent control system can play an important role in the zipper bag making machine?
    The intelligent control system of the zipper bag making machine mainly has two parts, one is hardware and the other is software. Let's talk about its hardware system, including control circuits, data acquisition circuits, differential amplifier circuits, decoding circuits, alarm circuits and other components. The important one is of course the control circuit. The frequency conversion voltage signal of the frequency conversion motor is provided by the digital frequency converter. Since the direction of the input will determine the forward and reverse of the frequency converter motor, the circuit needs two bidirectional light-controlled thyristors to provide AC voltage. To help the motor rotate to achieve deviation correction.

    The hose part of the system also contains many programs, including control subroutines, data acquisition subroutines, data conversion subroutines, data processing subroutines, alarm processing subroutines, and fuzzy control subroutines. Each of them plays an important role. Function, through the fuzzy control, the zipper bag making machine can have high deviation correction accuracy and processing efficiency, and can also provide corresponding functions for energy saving.

    The fuzzy control technology realizes the control of the intelligent control system of the zipper bag making machine. First use the optical system to focus the imaging of the positioning mark line, and provide the optical signal to the optoelectronic device through imaging. The optoelectronic device receives the optical signal and converts it into an analog electrical signal. After A / D conversion, a binary digital quantity is generated. Combine the value change rate for fuzzy processing, and then issue variable speed forward, reverse, left turn, right turn commands, and on and off commands, so as to control the movement and shift of the bag making package, so that the bag making package can be accurately and normally performed.

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