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    Effect of Adhesive Layer of Bag Making Machine on Material Porosity

    The working speed of the bag making machine is fast, the sealed edges are not cracked, and there is no burr or curling. At the same time, ultrasonic bonding solves the problems of fiber degradation caused by thermal bonding, the adhesive layer of the bag making machine affects the porosity of the material, and causes delamination after the impact of the liquid. The ultrasonic bonding equipment is mainly composed of an ultrasonic generator and a roller. The main components of the ultrasonic generator are a horn, a power supply and a transformer.

    The suitable raw materials for bag making machines are non-woven fabrics, film-coated non-woven fabrics, stable production of equipment, heat-sealed parts of the bags are sealed, beautiful and generous, and can be reused. Bag-making machines are mainly used to produce non-woven tobacco and wine packaging bags. Non-woven beverage packaging bags, gift bags, advertising bags and other non-woven bags, this machine integrates electrical and mechanical as a body, using LCD touch screen operation.

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