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    How to solve the problem of heat sealing during bag making

    1. Adopt insulation aging to accelerate the hardening of the adhesive, which can improve the strength and heat resistance of the composite film.

    2. When selecting heat-sealing conditions, choose according to the structure and heat-sealing status of the composite film, or improve the heat-sealing method and cool after heat-sealing.

    3. Regularly check the shelf life and storage conditions of the heat-sealable film. Pay attention to the old batch number or the heat-sealed film.

    4. Increase the thickness of the heat-sealable film.

    5. Change the type of heat-sealing layer film, and choose the inner-sealing layer film with anti-pollution heat-sealing property.

    6. Improve the heat sealing performance of the heat seal layer.

    7. After heat sealing, check the processing degree of the hot cover and adjust the proper heat sealing temperature.

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