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    Fully automatic one-to-two mask machine This production line is a full-automatic flat mask production line consisting of a feeding system, a cover forming welding system, a two-ear line welding and edge banding system, and two rewinding machines.
    In the production process, the operator needs to install the production raw materials on the feeding rack. After the commissioning is completed, the machine automatically produces to the finished product, and one operator can operate 5-10 production lines at the same time.
    The equipment uses high-power high-frequency ultrasonic welding of the raw material itself, without adding an adhesive, and the produced masks are beautiful, strong, hygienic and environmentally friendly.
    Automatic mask machine production line process
           The cut mask material is placed on the discharge rack → feeding rolls → pleating → nasal stickers → ultrasonic welding of the shell molding → transverse welding of the shell → cutting of the machine cover → shroud of the shunt system → plate cover entering the positioning slot → automatic Ear feeding → Ultrasonic welding → Non-woven cloth edge feeding → Ultrasonic sideband welding → Sideband cutting → Finished product output → Counting → Finished product stacking → Conveying device
    Technical Parameters
           Dimensions: length 6300mm x width 2600mm x height 2000mm
           Body weight: about 700kg
           Rated power: 8.5KW
           Rated voltage: AC 220V 50 / 60Hz
           Machine output: 80-110pcs / min
           Compressed air: 5-6kg / cm2 oil-free and water-free drying
           Control method: PLC
           Operator: 1 person
    Performance characteristics
           1. This machine is a fully automatic mask production machine, from the production of the mask body to the welding of the ear band and the welding of the nose line, it is fully automatic.
           2. The detection method is photoelectric detection.
           3. Aluminum alloy body material.
           4. The size of the production mask is the standard adult mask.
           5. This machine is only suitable for the production of flat masks.