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    The three-side sealing bag-making machine adopts PLC microcomputer control, double servo double frequency conversion speed regulation, photoelectric monitoring and correction, pneumatic transmission and other technologies, integrating machine and photoelectricity, adopting automatic unwinding, cutting, tension adjustment control system, five-row bridge Type longitudinal sealing hot knife heat sealing and circulating water cooling bonding device, heating temperature Pc control, various special-shaped bag auxiliary bag making devices can be added as needed.

    It is used to produce various plastic-plastic and paper-plastic composite materials. It is a bag-making equipment for various middle-sealing bags and three-side sealing. It is widely used in three-side sealing bags such as plastic composite film, aluminum-plastic composite film, paper-plastic composite film, etc. It is also suitable for the manufacture of self-supporting bags, concave-convex button bags, zipper bags and other special-shaped bags.

    1. The whole machine adopts imported PLC and centralized control of man-machine interface. Stable performance, easy to operate and maintain. The operation interface can switch between Chinese and English.
    2. All parameters are displayed in real time by the man-machine interface, and the bag-making speed, bag-making length, temperature, counting, finished product delivery, etc. can be preset.
    3. LPC automatic correction, double photoelectric tracking and unwinding, automatic constant tension control, AC frequency conversion and constant speed automatic feeding.
    4. Imported double servo drag control.
    5. The upper and lower sealing pressure are driven by AC variable frequency motors.
    6. The temperature adopts PID adjustment, 0~300℃ adjustable, non-contact automatic control, centralized setting of man-machine interface.
    7. The temperature is centrally controlled by the computer.
    8. Pneumatic multi-function automatic punching, automatic collection of edge material removal, and static elimination device.
    9. Working method: bag making with fixed length, photoelectric tracking bag making.
    10. Punching method: continuous, interval, and stop can be set, and the punching time can be preset.
    11. Double delivery method: one to six times delivery.
    12. Batch sending function: The workbench has batch sending function, and the batch sending quantity can be preset.