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    Semi-automatic mask film making machine

    Semi-automatic mask filming machine: disposable mask filming machine, the machine is fully automatic work molding, external matching ear mask machine.
    Mask film making machine: directly from the fabric to folding, sealing, forming an integrated production line, this film making machine uses an aluminum alloy frame, light and strong, using a touch screen panel and a PLC control system, materials and sensors, ultrasonic welding during operation, High output and high product qualification rate.
           1. Machine PLC control
           2.Production capacity reaches 80-120 tablets per minute
           3. The folding position can be adjusted, and the shape of the fold can be changed with the guide device
           4.The machine structure is all aluminum alloy
           5, can produce 2 to 4 layers of non-woven masks
    And can learn a variety of applications of PLC in a comprehensive scientific and technological environment. Provides conditions for flexible learning and mastering all aspects of PLC knowledge. The electrical control parts of the six working institutions of the automatic teaching and training system are all designed in accordance with industry standards and customs, and all design drawings and instructions are provided in the form of attachments. Students can learn circuit schematic analysis, PLC I / O address check and device circuit connection method on the device. The six working mechanisms on the automated production teaching system allow each group of students to remove all or part of the mechanical part, reassemble it as required, and debug until the system can work normally and reliably. This will help improve the practical ability of students in school. Contents and methods of daily maintenance of the equipment, as well as analysis and troubleshooting of common system failures. The provided equipment functional parts and components are assembled in an industrial automatic production line; pneumatic control elements such as cylinders, solenoid valves and magnetic switches are configured.

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